[Workshop] The JavaScript Revolution I

Powered By Lamba Labs - Beirut First Hacker Space
Powered By Lamba Labs – Beirut First Hacker Space


  1. Theoretical JavaScript and OO Concepts by Jad Jabbour
  2. JavaScript in the mobile world: Code structure and optimisation by Jad Joubran 
  3. An intro to Backbone.js by Piotr Yordanov
  4. The JavaScript ecosystem: Node.js & MongoDB by Donald Derek
  5. Experimental JavaScript: Arduino & Node.js by Marc Farra

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DIY Smart Television with RaspberryPi and Node.js

Image By http://korben.info/

Hardware Components:

Software Stack:

  • Raspbian – a fork of Debian designed for the Raspberry Pi 
  • Node.js
  • Chromium Browser
  • OMX-player
  • Youtube-dl – Youtube video downloader
  • Quo.js – Cross-platform swipe gestures library
  • HTML5, CSS3 transitions, Javascript, and Moustache as a template engine
  • Youtube API


Raspberry Pi TV with its special remote controller


  • Installing software and packages.
  • Basic shellcode
  • Server-side scripting: Node.js, Express.js, and Socket.io
  • Client-side scripting: Dashboard and remote mobile-app

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