Media Lab Workshop 2014 – The Recap.

We boarded that plane and started the mysterious journey on a Sunday night. I was lucky to join some friends from my hometown and others from Lamba Labs – Beirut First Hackerspace. We Joined forces and few hours later, we landed at Abu Dhabi’s airport and got our brain scanned then made it to the hotel safe and sound.

The next day, things started to gradually make sense. Snap back to reality, I knew I had a new quest to complete but I wasn’t really sure of what exactly that is. In fact, I wasn’t sure at all; the agenda of the workshop was clear and it’s definitely not a typical entrepreneurship event. I had a feeling we’re going to build something! The clock tics… and it’s time to begin.

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[Workshop] The JavaScript Revolution I

Powered By Lamba Labs - Beirut First Hacker Space
Powered By Lamba Labs – Beirut First Hacker Space


  1. Theoretical JavaScript and OO Concepts by Jad Jabbour
  2. JavaScript in the mobile world: Code structure and optimisation by Jad Joubran 
  3. An intro to Backbone.js by Piotr Yordanov
  4. The JavaScript ecosystem: Node.js & MongoDB by Donald Derek
  5. Experimental JavaScript: Arduino & Node.js by Marc Farra

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[CF-I] Configure your staging machine with Node.js and NGINX


If you're one of those critical readers, you might be asking yourself: what the   hell is [CF-I]. Well, I'm a Control Freak and I'm trying to compile a series of blogposts where I can keep track and explain to myself how I solved problems that weface daily in the backend world.

If you want to cut the crap and skip the brief explanation you can find my NGINX Config files on this Github repository.

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DIY Smart Television with RaspberryPi and Node.js

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Hardware Components:

Software Stack:

  • Raspbian – a fork of Debian designed for the Raspberry Pi 
  • Node.js
  • Chromium Browser
  • OMX-player
  • Youtube-dl – Youtube video downloader
  • Quo.js – Cross-platform swipe gestures library
  • HTML5, CSS3 transitions, Javascript, and Moustache as a template engine
  • Youtube API


Raspberry Pi TV with its special remote controller


  • Installing software and packages.
  • Basic shellcode
  • Server-side scripting: Node.js, Express.js, and
  • Client-side scripting: Dashboard and remote mobile-app

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